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culture & change

Are you facing challenges like these?

The sustained success of your organization demands constant vigilance, relentless adaptation and swift execution. Like most leaders today, you'll have to make difficult, business-critical changes that will meet with dismay, inertia and opposition. Other changes will offer opportunities to capitalize on the cultural shifts and economic turbulence that surround you. We help you see, surface and address the internal, often invisible forces that compel people and communities to resist, demand or evoke change, so you can respond thoughtfully and fruitfully. 

  • Have you experienced too many change management programs that tried but failed to make you think or act in prescribed ways?
  • Are you still struggling with the symptoms of resistance rather than addressing the causes that are the real barriers to change?
  • Are you reluctant to raise difficult issues or make important decisions because you don't know what the behavioural impact will be?
  • Are the power politics in your organization compromising the depth and direction of the changes you have in mind?
  • Are you preoccupied with mitigating the risks rather than harnessing the opportunities that are inherent in creativity and innovation?
  • Do complex cultural differences repeatedly surface across your operations and reduce the traction you want to see in key areas?
  • Is the restructuring, merging or acquisition of your organization disturbing the ways in which your people see themselves and engage with their work?

What’s our approach to your challenges?

Many change management programs fail because they misperceive change as a technical challenge that can be tackled with technical solutions, or as a process outside the scope of ordinary, everyday work. We believe change is an adaptive challenge that demands a deeply developmental approach to your people, and an appreciation that change happens incrementally every day. We're mindful that its ripples are felt not just at the level of your people and their work, but also across the boundary of your organization: in society, the economy and the environment.

all services - integrated approach iconYour organizational culture is shaped by people from different national, professional and functional cultures, all of whom also bring individual mindsets and histories to work. We help you develop a capacity to hear and work with the cultural and psychological diversity of your people, so you can engage them in making the changes needed. Our approach enables you to identify and overturn the resistances that lurk beneath the "buy-in" and threaten the long-term viability of strategic change and innovation. We apply these insights not only to discrete organizational change programs, but to any strategic initiative that may challenge the core values, identity or mission of your team, department or organization.

Our approach also recognizes that significant change is not always the result of deliberate, strategic intent. Our extensive experience with clients who develop innovative agricultural solutions confirms that innovation is a special kind of change that is shaped not only by organizational strategy, but also by the wider societal culture. Some of the most effective business innovations in recent decades are the result of tapping into an emerging cultural ideology rather than creating new products or services. In other cases, breakthrough products based solely on technical solutions may ultimately alienate people. We devote our sector expertise, research capacity and consultancy skills to helping you understand how to identify and leverage these opportunities for innovation, many of which can be found in the social disruptions that are now challenging orthodox perspectives on agriculture. Our approach helps you attune to the groundswell of these brave new ideological cultures, so you can grow an organizational ecosystem that enables innovation and change. 

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How can we help you?

Our consultants bring expertise from diverse academic disciplines, deep and wide experience with clients worldwide, and a truly innovative range of methods to help you meet seemingly intractable challenges at the intersection of culture and change.

We can help you with:

  • Organizational culture audits and diagnostics
  • Action research for learning and change
  • Assessment and development of organizational changeability
  • Integrated organizational change programs
  • Facilitating alignment of culture with strategy and vice versa
  • Discovery of shared values and their transformation into behaviours
  • Facilitating group sense-making
  • Change process consultancy
  • Post-restructuring and M&A integration
  • Reviewing and transforming governance structures
  • Cultural coaching for innovation


Start the conversation

If you need to develop your organization's capacity to manage the challenges posed by culture and change, as well as to seize the opportunites for innovation they offer, contact Sarah Cayrafourcq or Kristen Sukalac, Consulting Partners, for an exploratory conversation.

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