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leadership & engagement

Are you facing challenges like these?

Whether you're striving to engage individuals and teams inside your organization, or communities and institutions outside it, you know that good leadership is vital to the challenge. You also know it can be a long, uphill struggle, particularly in food-related and agricultural sectors. We take an integrated and deeply relational approach to leadership and engagement, equipping you with valuable skills and insights that will serve you well long after our work is done. 

  • Is the transition from strategy to action in your organization painfully slow, with frustrating and costly consequences for your business goals?
  • Have you witnessed one too many teams losing focus and consequently failing to reach the business-critical targets you're accountable for?
  • Do mounting expectations at the governance and shareholder levels exceed your capacity to lead people in fulfilling corporate strategy?
  • Are you discouraged by management training programs that are not delivering the performance improvements you expected?
  • Are you disappointed by the modest results of internal communications campaigns that have had little impact on employee engagement?
  • Have you become aware that your best leadership efforts continually meet with counterproductive team dynamics that risk derailing key projects?
  • Are you struggling to see how you can unblock the flow of collaboration and creativity that once used to run through your organization?

What’s our approach to your challenges?

Conventional models of leadership development and stakeholder engagement are stuck in last-century notions of training or persuading people, rather than co-creating meaning and success with them. At Prospero, we believe that leadership and engagement are essentially about nurturing and leveraging creative relationships in complex, interconnected systems. We bring whole-systems thinking to leadership and engagement, helping you to understand interpersonal and intergoup dynamics, as well as what's happening at the interface between your organization and the external environment. Throughout, our approach is inspired by the symbiosis we see in nature and interdependent agricultural dynamics. 

all services - integrated approach iconWe help you cultivate leadership that's deeply attuned to your stakeholders' underlying motivation, ingrained values and diverse cultural norms. Our long history of consulting to organizations (and whole industries) that struggle to lead and engage people confirms that empathic, distributed leadership can transform business outcomes. Our unique approach develops your capacity to align the needs, aspirations and behaviour of your people with your core business strategy. This in turn unleashes the energy, innovation and teamwork required to deliver results.

With a deeper understanding of people as individuals, members of groups, and wider society, you're equipped to engage all your stakeholders in strategic partnerships and become a thought leader in your field. Once embedded, this understanding generates a virtuous, sustainable cycle of organizational development, in which your own and others' capacity to lead and engage continues to grow.

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How can we help you?

Our consultants bring expertise from diverse academic disciplines, deep and wide experience with clients worldwide, and a truly innovative range of methods to help you meet seemingly intractable challenges at the intersection of leadership and engagement.

We can help you with:

  • Coaching for engaged leadership
  • Evaluation and improvement of governing and executive team dynamics
  • Aligning teams with organizational goals
  • Thought leadership facilitation
  • Employee engagement audits and communications
  • Employee and employer branding
  • Transforming stakeholder resistance into a source of intelligence
  • Stakeholder dialogue facilitation and conflict resolution
  • Integrated stakeholder engagement programs


Start the conversation

If you need to develop leadership and engagement capacities that will enable you to deliver on your organizational strategy, contact Sarah Cayrafourcq or Kristen Sukalac, Consulting Partners, for an exploratory conversation.

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